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Pricing for Real Estate Photography Services
  After careful consideration of the state of the RE industry, the economy and what all of my current clients are accepting as fair, here are the rates for my real estate photography services.

Day RE Photoshoot - Starting at $300 for a shoot (up to 2 hours) - 16 to 20 images, post processed with one set of images sized and ready for the MLS and one set ready for print. All images will be emailed (or FTP) to client. Some properties may require more than 20 images. Additional photos (over the 20 maximum) shot at the same time will be charged at $12.50 per image. Homes over 3000 sq. ft. will be charged $50 more for each 1000 sq. ft. Larger spaces take longer to shoot to achieve correct lighting for the space(s).

Note: Photoshoots during an open house or home preview for RE Agents will be charged an additional $50, due to the extra time dealing with agents walking around the house during the shoot.

Night RE Photoshoot - $350 for a 1 to 2 hour shoot (approximately to catch the best light) - 3 to 5 images, post processed with one set of images sized and ready for the MLS and one set ready for print. All images will be emailed (or FTP) to client.

Day and night shoot combined - $550 if both are shot on the same day at the same time.

Website - $175 - This is a stand alone unique websites for the property. It is a simple design, clean and easy to navigate. These websites can include the following pages: main (home), property description, photo gallery, contact and map page. Price includes the site, plus a unique domain name of the property if it is available (ex. and hosting for 6 months. Add $50 for an extra 6 months at the time of the design which makes the site run for one year. Click for generic example. NOTE: This price does not include a virtual tour, but this example website shows a virtual tour for reference if you request one (see below).

Website with Virtual Tour - $250 - Same as above website with a virtual tour.

Virtual Tour Only - $150 - Virtual tour will be made and hosted on my website and you will be given a link to the site to use on your site and/or on the MLS. Click for generic example.

Note: All Website and Virtual tour pricing is based on up to 20 images. Website and Virtual Tour pricing assumes that I am the photographer. If you would like me to produce a website and/or virtual tour from photos taken by you or another photographer, prices may increase depending on the quality, size and amount of photos. Post-processing will be an extra charge.

Turn Around - You will receive the images no later then 72 hours (3 business days) after the shoot. In most cases it will be 48 hours. Unless prior arrangements are made, anything less than 48 hours is a rush. Rush charges can range from $50 to $150 depending.

Delivery of Images - After the images have been taken, I will post process all images and make two copies for you. One is sized for the MLS and the other is processed for use in print. The MLS images will be sent to you via email with 4 to 5 images per email. Print versions will be placed in a folder and zipped and placed on my website for download. Usually there will be two zipped folders per property. I will send you an email with a link to the zipped folders. You or your print designer will simply click on the link and the zipped folder(s) will be downloaded to your computer. If you have an UnZip utility, your computer will unzip the folders and you will have two folders with 10 images each (the number of images in each folder depends on the number of images shot). If you do not have an UnZip utility program, I will send a link to a website where you can download a free utility. Here is a link to a free download:

The Print versions of the images that are placed on my website will be available at the link I send to you for 3 weeks, after that they will be removed and you will be charged an additional $25 if they have to be replaced.

I am also available for more extensive shoots where higher image quality, styling and special lighting is needed if you have a unique or high profile home, a high profile client or where you or a designer is looking for the best images for a portfolio, publication or other requirement.


  First time clients will be asked to pay 50% up front on the first shoot
  Shoot is scheduled at least 2 days in advance
  Home is clean and ready to be photographed
  No styling or movement of furniture or picking up of clutter - Messy or cluttered rooms will either not be photographed or shot as is. Note: In the unlikely event that we show up at a home that is not ready to be photographed, instead of canceling the shoot (and forfeiting your money), I am willing to charge $100/hr for extra time to arrange the spaces so they can be photographed and less time and money is lost for both of us. (provided you and I agree and I have the necessary time available).
  Client/agent or a representative will be on location at time of shoot.
  Shoots further than 25 minutes away (in one direction) will be charged $25/hr (in 30 minute increments) and $.45/mile over the 25 miles.
  Any major post processing of images due to things needing to be removed, changed, added or any other manipulation of an image (for anything out of photographers control at time of shoot) can be fixed at a rate of $75/hr for Photoshop post processing work.
  - If I have to revisit a property to rephotograph for any reason out of my control (bad weather, the view is not perfect, cloudy, etc.), I will charge a minimum of $50 for up to 5 exterior photos only or $100 for up to 5 interior/exterior photos. All additional photos will be billed at $12.50 per photo.


  A shoot that is cancelled or rescheduled less than 6 hours prior to the shoot will be charged $50.
  A shoot that is canceled or rescheduled less when 3 hours prior to the shoot will be charged $100.
  A shoot that is canceled or rescheduled less when 1 hours prior to the shoot will be charged $250. If the shoot is rescheduled the same day (time permitting) or within 2 days, I will credit $100 toward the new shoot.


Client /agent agrees to pay in full for the services rendered in a timely manner (within 7 days of the delivery of the images). First time clients agree to pay at least 50% in advance on the day of the shoot for the first shoot. All images are the sole copyright of Gar Benedick (herein referred to as Photographer). Limited use rights are granted to client/agent for the use of the images. Photographer retains the original copyright to all images and grants the client a limited license for the use for the client/agent's promotion to sell the given property via the MLS, and other normal real estate outlets for selling a property on the internet, in print and other in-house publication and local self-promotion for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the images.

Self-promotion refers to uses that directly promote the client/agent, client/agent's company, advertising, website and/or portfolio specifically for client/agent's company. All other rights including the use of images in national advertising campaigns regardless of media or method of distribution or media of any kind, are reserved to the Photographer and may only be use with the written permission and proper credit to the Photographer. Any other use not specifically defined herein must be negotiated with the permission of the Photographer. Third party usage of the images is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the Photographer. When an image is used with permission the client must include a credit line on or next to the image with a copyright and the year when publishing any of the photographs in any manner. Ex.: Photograph by Gar Benedick © 2016

The client/agent will receive all images digitally via email or ftp unless otherwise agreed.

Thank you for your business!

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